Photography Samples

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Radio Samples

Living in the motel

Jocelyn and her two daughters were recently displaced from their rental home because of a rise in the price of rent. Now, they're living in a Days Inn Motel in Carson City, Nevada. Listen to the profile I produced for Reno Public Radio's Priced Out: The Housing Crunch series here.

finding meaning in the death of a mentally-ill inmate

Andrew Holland was 36 years old when died in the San Luis Obispo County Jail in January 2017, after being kept naked in a restraint chair for nearly two days. In this piece, his is family looks back on what happened during the time that lead to the death, examine how to live with a family member who has schizophrenia and what they are doing to put forth change in San Luis Obispo County. I produced this audio documentary about the Holland family for KCBX Public Radio on California's Central Coast. Listen to the story here.

wildfires in santa barbara county

In July of 2017, hundreds were evacuated after wildfires scorched the hills in Santa Barbara County, California. Residents were trying to evacuate large livestock. Download to the news spot I produced for NPR here.

bringing along pets when fleeing domestic violence

Women's shelters often find that people who flee violent homes sometimes go back to a dangerous situation because they can't bring along their pets. Most emergency shelters don't have the facilities to house them. A facility in Reno is looking to change that. Listen to the feature story I produced for NPR's Here & Now here.