Bree on the job at Reno Public Radio.

Bree on the job at Reno Public Radio.

About bree

Bree Zender is a radio reporter, public radio DJ, producer, photographer, videographer and generally creative person. You can hear her every weekday morning as Reno Public Radio's Morning Edition host, news anchor, and reporter. She's also done some freelance work for NPR News, The California Report, and National Native News.

In the past, Bree has worked at KCBX - Central Coast Public Radio in San Luis Obispo, California. She got her start at Montana Public Radio in Missoula, Montana, after graduating from the University of Montana in 2016 with degrees in theatre and journalism.

Bree is originally from the Deming, Washington and loves to visit often. When she's not on the radio, she is either backpacking or wishing she was backpacking.

Bree now lives in Reno, Nevada with her cat, Pete.